The initiation of the African mission started in 1992 by Mother founder THERESA BENEDICTA LOUISA who after her death the same year and the second order of the congregation came to existence in 2010 by Madre Dr. Merabelle  V.O Godwin.

This is the summary of the life of that woman who sacrificed herself for 21 years in the service of her brothers. The work life of Mother founder of Medical Missionary Of Sister Of Christ Passion Consolar (second order) of Missionary Sister’s of St Theresa Servant Of Christ Passion (Santa Teresa Siervo DeCristo Pasión).

  • Madre Dr. Merabelle flares up in love for young girls who have been deceived in their sentiment. Unmarried mothers who are abandoned and rejected by their families in the hands of baby factories operators. To her it was a social evil.

  • She gets an important idea which is to get a house to accommodate them and give them a better life.

  • She collaborates with Imo state anti-kidnapping squad to receive them, when she came to Africa for African mission in 2010 for the expansion of their congregation, since they can not come to the need of African children.

  • The second idea is to find an organization which would help her with accommodation. In her discussion with mother general of S.T.S.P of 1st order in 2009, (Mother Theresa Fernando Benedicta) and with the help of Monsigner Bishop Ganye former bishop of the roman Catholic Diocese of Dassa-zoume Benin Republic now the Arch-bishop of Cotonou since 2010 and the episcopal diocese of Dominican Republic, Bishop Emeretus Nicolas de jesus lopez Rodrique who adopted the order and Bishop of Owerri archdiocese in 2011, followed by Bishop of Enugu who gave his letter of acceptance to build a Novitiate house for African mission. She confirms that she will try that experience even if she is poor and unknown for “that which is impossible with men is not impossible with God, for with God, all things are possible “ (Mat 19,26).

  • In Enugu house of formation, she suffered betrayal from the two novices set. She closed that house of formation because people consider all these misfortunes as a curse.

  • Mother Merabelle V.O Godwin felt that she has a calling which is to follow Christ in her suffering. She thinks that Jesus is telling her “bear your cross and follow me”.

  • She also extended her charity to the sick in the hospitals. She understands that by coming close to the sick, she is consoling Christ in his passion.

  • The Consolar’s as their name says it, bear their cross everyday and Mother Merabelle Godwin calls on the members to practice charity to those who are suffering. Many girls are interested by the work and the way of living of Madra Merabelle V. O Godwin.

  • The “Consolar” helps young women to avoid abortion and get rid of any discouragement during pregnancy by accommodating and assisting them with their needs.

  • Medical Missionaries Of Christ Passion Consolar is a second order of STSP Missionaries Of St Theresa Servant Of Passion Of Christ Congregation. They work in big hospitals in Europe even in any country of their mission.

  • They take care of the sick, the elderly people and all those that need help in the time of suffering.

  • Mother Merabelle Godwin defines their service as a provider of joy, living even in pain.

  • They take care of the protection of children before, during and after birth. That is why they open child care centers to help poor families.

What a good work of Madre Merabelle Godwin!! A true work of charity.

If by the grace of God we are being accepted in any diocese, we are:

  • Collaborating with Associate Diocese, lay-groups who believe in our charisma and are committed to our mission

  • When our presence is needed in any Diocese, we wish to open a charity home were motherless babies, orphaned, less privileged, abandoned and disabled children will be saved from lack.

  • To educate, care and add values to the lives of our target group and make them men and women of integrity, honesty and self- reliance, who would be responsible and resourceful in the world which is highly competitive and dynamic.

  • To direct and lead them in the path of Christ Jesus and make them good Christian, worthy of emulation.

  • To help them develop positive personality traits so as to become responsible citizens.

  • To rehabilitate street and abandoned children.

  • For reformation.

  • For integration.

  • We provide one on one friendship and companionship with our target. Social and academic enrichment between volunteers and youths from functional families.

  • In La Consolar Centers, Provides services such as Hunger awareness, Daily nutritional education, Healthy eating.

  • Clothing, first aid and routine medical services.

  • Shelter to physically challenged, orphans and less privileged.

  • Education/skill acquisition/street work awareness programs and worship.

  • Youth counseling/recreational programs/ante partum salute promenade.

  • Scholarship.

  • Financial support program.

  • Special care and education for physically challenged.

  1. Sister DR Merabelle V. Onyenwe Godwin – President and founder of “Medical Missionaries Of Christ Passion Consolars”.
  2. Sister Mary – Vice president & councilor
  3. Sister Nancy – Councilor
  4. Sister Theresa – Councilor

Women are encouraged to contact the vocational office for assistance in discerning whether God is calling them to a vocation of religious/consecrated life.
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We express in our apostolic service the way he gave himself gently with the humbleness of heart. We near the suffering of people with humbleness, all due modesty, indulgence and patience, in other to transform the suffering into joy. We are trying hard to show the love God the Father has for little ones and for the poor. We contemplate this love mainly in Jesus; in his life in :
1. Bethlehem (Jesus rejected).
2. Nazareth (His rejection).
3. In his passion (save by charity/ sacrifice).
4. In the Eucharist (self given).

Jesus ask MMSCPC in all our communities in a poor and simple way of life with sacrifice and patience.


Foundress and Co- foundress:

  • Mother Benedicta Louisa (Blessed memory).

  • Mother Dr Merabelle V.O Godwin.

  • Creation of child care center/Orphanage in Owerri in 2013, where children can be save from lack.

  • Pharmacology group Benin and La Consolar Pharma Company.

  • Natural Pharma Benin Groups 2015.

  • Opening of pharmacy stores 2015.

  • La Consolar Family Child Care Foundation.

  • International Nanny Institution 2020.

  • Little Consolars of Christ Passion 2020.

  • La Consolar Natural Phamaceutical Company/Clinic 2020.

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