The friends of the consolar of Christ passion. From it beginning, passionate missionary has depended on faithful Christians  who are interested in, and ready to support comes through mission circle

  • Pray daily for the success of missionaries.
  • Make financial contribution annually
  • Encourage others to become involved 
  • Read and promote  our works in Africa.
  • Use and promote our products.
  • We offer three masses daily for “friends of MMCPC”
  • We offer one mass every daily in November for all  deceased  members.
  • Pray daily in the office for benefactors.
  • Pray for them every Thursday’s adoration.
  • We provide emergency relief for children and families in conflict areas. Since we stared it’s  work of charity have campaigned for  the  rights of girls and boys in need  of protection.
  • we have made it our mission to help children in need to have a better life.
  • Abandoned children find a new and loving home in our children’s villages.
  • We provide neighbourhood assistance for families in difficulty in the areas round our villages.
  • In many countries, we enable children and your people in need to attend school and acquire vocational training.
  • Our hospitals and clinics offers primary health care and emergency treatment to children and destitute family.