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Here in Africa (Benin) there is a great need in the area of development and sustenance of our mission e.g. the children’s home (Orphanage) the formation house for the postulants and aspirants. At the moment, we need help and collaborators  in the area of education and welfare of children, as we run an orphanage, and in the area of  training of sisters.

  • To train a child in secondary education, it costs N150,000 and in Cfa 200,000 cfa.
  • To cater  for a child in our orphanage (feeding, clothing, medical etc  it costs N50,000 in cfa   (Benin) 75,000cfa.
  • Building of our  novitiate house in Africa.
  • Ongoing formation for professed sister (seminars, workshop, further studies etc). we humbly request your collaboration.

For further enquires and donation to the projects of the STSP missionaries

Please contact

Rev. mother Dr. Merabelle Victoria P.O. Godwins Onyenwe

Regional supervisor of west Africa.

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+229 65538770 or 66391542

Back Zenith Bank Plc 104117641

NTN Money No:  66391542

Name Sr. Dr. Merabelle


  • To direct and lead them in the path of Christ Jesus and make them good and exemplary Christians working of emulation
  • To help them to develop positive personality traits so as to become responsible citizens.
  • To rehabilitate street and abandoned children.