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        We devoted ourselves to becoming hosts of sacrifice and practicing the holy charity with our eyes fixed on Jesus, we express in apostolic service, the way he gave himself gently and with humbles of heart. We near the sufferings of people with humbleness, all due modesty, indulgence, mildness, patience and with songs so that Jesus would be served and honoured in the person of  these people

  • God called us to  be mothers, mistresses, guides and  daughters of  the poor.
  • We called in our mission of charity, to involved the laity in particular humanitarian actions.
  • God honoured us by choosing us as minister of orphans, the poor  and those who are abandoned.
  • In our charisma, we follow the example of  our mother model of life, trying hard to share the love God the father has for the little ones and for the poor.
  • We contemplate this love mainly in Jesus life in Bethlehem,  his life in Nazareth, in his passion and in the Eucharist
  • The incarnation of Jesus calls on each of us and  all our communities, in a poor and  a simple way of life with sacrifice  and patience.


  • Our mission of charity aims at promoting and serving lives.
  • It is shown through the  assistance and the education of children, underprivileged youth, the promotion of women, healthcare to the sick and to elderly people, especially our old  priests of the catholic.
  • We also participate in evangelism, through parishes, catechesis, forming movement of different groups, for all those who are suffering, showing them the presence of Jesus by serving them with a heart full of love and tenderness.
  • We conduct choruses, dancing teams, children and youth theaters.

We also serve in parishes offices and kitchens.