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Brief History of the Foundation and current status of the congregation « missionaire sisters of st Theresa servant of passion »                                                                                                                                                                                                             This religious institution had its limitation period from 1886 to 1893 and from 1926 to 1992. It was approved as religious congregation of diocesan right in Bacelona; but the founder and her co-founders began a dark road, difficult ideas in 1886 very new that the Holy Spirit inspired the widow Theresa GALLIFA : to host young women in gestation to avoid the danger of abortion.  Venerable mother had acquire the habit of mediating daily compromising the passion (road of cross) who cannot see Christ on the cross and sit back without consoling him ‘’by doing good" it was difficult to accept the association for ladies keepers of holy baptism , called sister of St Teresa servants of passion of Christ Jesus ( STSP ) consolers of Christ passion’’ could become religious institute. It was in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. How to combine religious life with this difficult apostolate? Recall that until the early twentieth century , the civil war in Spain did not allow a single woman exercising the profession of obstetrics : necessarily had to be married or widowed. Much less is understood that it could access a nun garments cannot tear us or judge our mentality today. In every age, including our own, is enough its timely moment to apologize and forgive. Though, as the Pope says it cannot hide the persecution of the saints. A church touches discern the charismas within the molds canonist and pastoral patterns each time , VIC the levitical city ( so it was called by the large number of priest ) had conspired against the widow Teresa and her strange project. Only the bishop Monseigneur Joseph Morgades and Gili, and two priests approved the work. The co-founder bishop Monseigeur Joseph Morgades and mother Benedicta louisa was brought by the bishop to join in the foundation. At the request of its director. The bishop J.M and Dr Santoll, deeply christian physician, obstetrics she studied with great difficulty not educated in letters to begin professional studies and became a midwife now has 35years. Very intelligent and with trust in God alone.Teresa was married mother of seven children, of whom all but one, do not exceed the age of five, a widow at 32 years with her remaining two children, poor solemnity, take the holy spirit incomprehensible to all road including church, but above all for herself, Teresa was following the road as it was discovering. on this tangled skein of contradiction, calumnies, extreme poverty and death, seeking the thread of God's will. We have to always look for the faithful fulfillment of God’s will’’. Never disobey the church, not knowing where or how to classify this new charisma made her wait…wait forever. Kind of life when a new unknown tree, is excepted to see spring and fruit. After you are looking for a latin name among botanical species of linnaeus. The tree was already good before, its fruit were the same, but now has a name and a value purchases but did not have the same results. Bishop Monsignor Joseph Morgades de VIC was her right arm and the left, for nobody supported it, on the contrary , they reviled and persecuted her project as she says." But this work is not mine, it is from God, and him only can proceed. And so, not without many challenge. On the advice of the same prelate and his vicar general, moved to Barcelona with his young welcomed, as a city most populous would know so much and not be able to exercise their apostolate most freely. The truth is that the foundation was a test for her steadfast until death addition, political and social level as a time is not reassuring !’’ the earliest wars which were particulary incidence in catalonia, the dissatisfaction of employers and working early strikes, etc … But God is above all human intrigues and is acting; writing every crooked line straight. Not to prolong the story of the mother, co-founders and the foundation which was very dense, say that the basic problem was the simultaneity the religious and the apostolate that carries the charisma that the Holy Spirit wanted to implant in his church. Nevertheless, the problem was becoming serious. Ah what wonderful wisdom of God to inspire the most opportune moment in their charisms and choose who he want to collaborate in the execution of work. No one can stop to narrate the story of the venerable madre and her heroic virtues. She died in the odor of sanctity in Barcelona in 1907, at age of 57 not well met and the last dedicated her life heroically to charity girl pregnant mother and children upon her death has taken in more than 2500 young people died without seeing approved the religious congregation. Prophet of her time, it was like Moses sees the promised land from afar, but failed to achieve it. Only 20 years after accepting a congregation of diocesan right and in 1983, Pope John Paul II  granted papal approval. Would seem to be the pope of the congregation for none as he had manifested so hard in defense of life of the unborn. But what special charisma! To Become a consolar of Christ passion which is the reality of our life at the call of the lord, which we have given our generous response to follow Christ in ‘’eternal work of mercy’’ in taking public vows formula that issued the founders and her first companions. Giving life only life you get, and when this goal explicitly, we deal with his medias achieved : call for the gift of fortitude and true charity. ‘’Because love endures all things, accepts everything, takes everything, everything transforms.’’ Cause for beatification and canonization of the venerable. Mother Teresa is completed. Lack only the lord to do miracle through his intercession, that we may see it on the altar. Whether this occasion to entrust her gave us venerable. Madre, the servants of Christ passion, has opened new living residences. In the early days, still the same founders, were not allowed as new patients at home and welfare centers ; very successful at that time who lack social security. But always staring at her charisma hoping will clear the unknowns passion governing centers pregnant mothers, children, plus east of Valencia, Barcelona, Vigor, Mexico, nutrition center of children and mother training in Cameroon, some surgery obstetrics clinic and kindergarten. Course training centers for future sister of ST Teresa servant of passion. Our problem today is the lack of vocation. Rather painful turn the large number of request from the bishops and priest if Spanish geography, Latin American, Eastern Europe. Always the answer. CAN NOT. Do not have arms. Rather lack of hearts that delivered to the other since its consecration to the lord. Yet how feel called by God. Charisma of servant of Christ passion is directly related to the fires Visible action of God in man : LIFE’s natural life and Grace through baptism. We have hope because we know that God is still calling to Say with our Lives that only he is the sucessfull way the only truth and true life. Thank you lord for calling and for keeping us going all that you called Life, you have Life and have it in abundance as you want.



Missionary sisters of St Teresa Servant of christ passion (STSP) it’s an institution of Religious apostolic missionaries of pontifical with three (03) founders.

Mothers Teresa G. Monseigneur Morgades Joseph de vic, and mother Benedicta Louisa.

- Foundation of casa asilo in vic Spain : November 1886

- The creation of santé isabella hostel for girls…………. Where children can be save from Lack (1893) april

- Foundation of Religious of St Teresa Servant of christ passion missionaries StSP 31 st may 1893

- Canonical Status : pontifical in 21 st march 1983 by popo John Paul II

Motto :

Passionist consolars

Charism :

Imitation of our compassionate christ Jesus, in his mission of saving Lost souls by devoting ourselves to becoming hosts of sacrifices by practicing the holy charity. A charism for the Evangelization of source of charity to save souls by charity

Mission :

Our mission of charity aims at promoting and saving lives. Through assistance and Education of children adding values to Lives of our target group and make them men and women of Integrity, Honesty Self disciplinie and self Reliance who will be responsilbe and dynamic.

Apostulate :

- Education

- Health care

- Event management

- Social work

- Animatrice

- Evangelization


The missionary sisters of St. Theresa servant of passion of Christ (STSP) is a Roman Catholic Religious of apostolic missionaries of pontifical founded in 1893 but started its charity work before the  congregation was created from 1886-1893 in the diocese of VIC in  Barcelona Spain. STSP has three founders.

        The congregation was over 2200 sisters ministering in 16 countries around the world. The members pronounce the public vows of chastity poverty and obedience. We dedicate ourselves through contemplation and apostolic work.

        The STSP are consecrated and sent in  the  mission, in the middle of women and poor, to defend the life of children and mother before and after birth.      

        Our charisma based on serving and promoting life through education, health care, pastoral work, social work, event management and evangelisms.

        The little consolar of the passionist family world wide include: the  priests, the religious and passionist consecrated laity and friends of the little consolar  passionist

        STSP presence in the world. STSP serves in the following countries: Spain, Europe,laiten America, and Africa.



 Bishop Morgades of Vic

Established a sisterhood of pioneer women under the patronage of our lady of visitation and St. Teresa of Vic to whom he had a special devotion at first the group suffered such untold hardship that for a few years (1893) it was reduced to one. The arrival of Benedita Louisa in 1896 gave the fledgling community a new life and leadership when she in 1897 at the age of 20 was elected the general superior; she served as the community leader and co-founder until her death in 90s.

These three founders paved the ways for growth and expansion. Today vowed members of the STSP minister in Africa such as Europe.

STSP arrives in Africa.

In Africa facing a lot of difficulties, the first group suffered such untold hardship; it was reduced to 3 sisters.

The arrival of Sr Merabelle Ogechi Onyenwe in year 2000, with great difficult in her health, struggle with her cultural shocks and became successful in her vocation of winning souls for God. She found out that the people with whom they work with are totally different from where they are coming from.

Who presently becomes the west Africa regional superior (WARS) in 2010, she became the strength of all STSP Africa sisters assisting in creating a new communities and expansion of the congregation in Africa


Catholic women who profess the vows of celibate, chastity, poverty and obedience are known as vowed members. women and men of any other religious background who re single, married or divorce are desire to live out the congregation’s mission without professing the three vows are known as associates. 



        We devoted ourselves to becoming hosts of sacrifice and practicing the holy charity with our eyes fixed on Jesus, we express in apostolic service, the way he gave himself gently and with humbles of heart. We near the sufferings of people with humbleness, all due modesty, indulgence, mildness, patience and with songs so that Jesus would be served and honoured in the person of  these people

  • God called us to  be mothers, mistresses, guides and  daughters of  the poor.
  • We called in our mission of charity, to involved the laity in particular humanitarian actions.
  • God honoured us by choosing us as minister of orphans, the poor  and those who are abandoned.
  • In our charisma, we follow the example of  our mother model of life, trying hard to share the love God the father has for the little ones and for the poor.
  • We contemplate this love mainly in Jesus life in Bethlehem,  his life in Nazareth, in his passion and in the Eucharist
  • The incarnation of Jesus calls on each of us and  all our communities, in a poor and  a simple way of life with sacrifice  and patience.


  • Our mission of charity aims at promoting and serving lives.
  • It is shown through the  assistance and the education of children, underprivileged youth, the promotion of women, healthcare to the sick and to elderly people, especially our old  priests of the catholic.
  • We also participate in evangelism, through parishes, catechesis, forming movement of different groups, for all those who are suffering, showing them the presence of Jesus by serving them with a heart full of love and tenderness.
  • We conduct choruses, dancing teams, children and youth theaters.

We also serve in parishes offices and kitchens.