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<< Vocation is the place in you where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need >>

Office of vocation discernment address!


Knowing yourself

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We are women who have responded to God’s call to live the vows of the celibate, chastity, poverty and obedience. Our life in community supports both our spiritual life and ministry “We envision community to be a sign of the presence of Christ among us and a source of great apostolic power” STSP constitution, 39).

We are women who live, love and serve in 4 continents.

We envision ourselves as joyful witness of the risen Christ and respond to life with wholeheartedness and joy. We are women who collaborate with associates who believe in our charism and who also commit themselves wholeheartedness to our mission.

We are women committed to ministries that respond to the church’s call to hear the cry of the poor, following Jesus whose mission was to “bring glad tidings to poor, to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and release to prisoners” (Luke 4:18), we minister in the areas of education, healthcare, pro life ministry, spiritual guidance, social service formation of various group. 

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“Vocation is the place in your where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need”

Office of vocation Discernment Address!


Ask yourself some basic questions

üAm I hearing God’s voice in my life?

üAm I discovering God’s dream for?

üHow do I seek God in my everyday life?

üWhat do I desire for my life?

üWhat do I long for?

üWhat am I searching for?

üWhat are my hopes, fears and needs for my life?

üDo I know what my purpose in life is?

üFor what do I have passion?

üDo the needs of the world concern me?

üWhat kind of clues has God given me as to the lifestyle I am called to live?

üAm I able to be happy with others and when I am alone?

üDo I know my gifts, my interests, my talents, my limitations, my likes and dislikes?

üWhat would I bring to community and ministry?

üDo I see myself as serving others? How?

üWho has God been for me in my past and what is good like for me now?

üI have healthy relationship?

üDo I seek opportunities to be of service to other?

üAm I able to process my thoughts and feelings and integrate my new learning of self awareness?

Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and learn to listen to God in prayer.

Begin to develop a life of regular prayer. You may even desire to have a mentor or spiritual guide to journey with you in your discernment process.

You may seek out prayer groups or support through liturgical prayer





Seek to create balance in your life.

God speaks to us in our everyday lives so it is healthy to have time for friends, prayer, service, quiet reflection, leisure and times of social events.

Become familiar with books that are a “good read” and surf the net for helpful resources to help you with discernment.  

Contact some communities whose spirituality, ministries and community life attract you. You may also set up a time for short visit, meet particular members or have an informal interview.

Initial decision; when you begin to sense that you are coming to a place of peace within yourself, make a decision to pursue a specific community and make an appointment for a formal time with a program director.




We believe that God continues to call women from all culture and background to vowed membership in the congregation missionary sisters of Teresa Servant of passion of Christ Jesus (STSP).


The entrance requirements are these:


Welcome to our process.




Initial inquiry

As an inquirer, you will be provided informal opportunities to assist you in your discernment of call to religious life and in particular to the missionary sisters of St. Teresa servants of passion of Christ (STSP).

You will be invited

-         To attend STSP celebrations, prayers, experiences, meals, events and discussions.

-         To visit STSP ministry sisters.

-         To become familiar with reading materials that introduce you to STSP founders, history, mission, Chrism and ministries.


Upon mutual discernment between you and the vocation discernment minister, you enter the phase, serious discerner; this phase normally has a timeline of 8-24 months depending on your discernment needs. This phase involves a more in-depth process and includes the following. You will:

-         Meet monthly with the vocation discernment minister.

-         Be encouraged to have a spiritual director and further develop your prayer life.

-         Participate in a formal discernment interview.

-         Write your autobiography.

-         Provide personal date through forms, assessments, and letters of recommendation when appropriate.

-         Receive a sister companion and local community for support. Prayer and deepening experiences of STSP community and ministry.

-         Continue to discern through readings and other materials on religious life.

-         Be invited to be involved with STSP through informal gatherings, celebrations, liturgies, prayers and or discussion groups whenever possible through mutual discernment, you may apply for entrance into the formation process with guidance from the vocation discernment minister, your application and materials are submitted for review by the STSP Admissions Advisory Board with further review by the general council and upon acceptance, you will then enter the formal phase of membership called pre-novitiate. Stage postulate.




This phase of initial formation an opportunity to enjoy the hospitality and friendship of STSP while living in community and activity participating in the everyday life of a sister of STSP.

This phases is ordinarily 1- 2 years depending on your discernment needs

During this time you:

-         Live in a STSP local community.

-         Meet regularly with your sister companion.

-         Remain financially independent of the congregation.

-         Engage in a ministry or in studies for ministry preparation



The first year novitiate is called the canonical year in which you are free of ministry and enter into extensive study reflection and prayer.

-         During this period you are guided to seek and ever greater self knowledge, insight and an awareness of the presence of God.

-         Through regular instructions you prepare for life of union with Christ Jesus through the study of theology, vows, community life, STSP history and religious life.

-         The second year of the novitiate provides further study, while engaging in part time or full time ministry. If needed, further professional preparation for ministry may take place during this time.

-         Through further discernment and inner conversion of heart, this gifted time culminates with the profession of first vows in the congregation.



This period of 3-6 years is designed for deepening your vowed commitment as a sister of STSP while actively participating in community life, full time ministry and on going formation. Vows are renewed while you continue to grow and integrate the way of life as a woman religious upon mutual discernment; you then enter into the process to request perpetual vows for life-long commitment as STSP sisters.



This significant movement and decision establishes a woman’s full inculpation into the congregation “She assumes life long responsibility for the vitality and mission of the congregation and her own life in Christ” (STSP Constitution #8)



Gracious God, you have called me to life and gifted me so many ways, strengthen me to respond in your call and help me to become all that you desire of me. Inspire me to choose the way of life that will make a difference in the life of others and enkindle in my heart the desire to make the world a better place. Let your light shine in the depths of my living, that I may know your dreams for my life. Above all, Generous God, I ask for peace of mind and heart 

as I seek the path to find my Life’s meaning and purpose.





INTO  STSP Missionaries

  1. Written application (with your description, your relationship).
  2. What  job did you learn give  a brief  summary of your professional practice.
  3. Submit two letters or recommendation. The one from your parish priest and another from your parents or guardians
  4. Photocopy of your birth certificate

Photocopy of  diploma and back  license  

  1. A  copy of your baptismal certificate
  2. You tell us a little history of your family
  3. And  tell us of the areas of our activity  (apostolate) interests you  and why?

For example do you intend to nurse  as career or as  a nun, a doctor, or as nurse (s), psychiatrist, demist, pharmacy,  lab  technician/radiology,  pediatrician etc. a chaplain for hospital,   prison, etc  military camp.

  1.  A lawyer whose  focus  will be to correct the erroneous legal concepts  defend the church at the right time and represented those  who were unjustly imprisoned  as well as the poor,  preaching the good news and  watch the  rich catholic who no longer practice religion.
  2. You  must  show the spirit of a missionary any time.
    1. You must be able to live in a foreign country for a month or years.



  • Postulancy      1 year
  • Novitiate          2 years
  • Juniorate        5 years
  • Perpetual profession


We encourage young women who are interested  in joining  the congregation  of STSP missionaries.

  • Contact the directress of promotion. E-mail Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..
  • We consider candidates between the ages of 18-35 with good physical and mental healthy.
  • Must be a Catholic and express a sincere desire  to serve God by dedicating themselves completely to the  merciful Jesus and in his  mission of serving lost souls.




  • Good health, baptized catholic, father in God and Mary
  • Love of poor  orphans and abandoned babies.

Please do  not delay God’s call in your life. Hurry and  answer ‘Yes’ and  apply  now to

E-mail Address: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. 

or Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.  or Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.,   Phone: +234 08134770516 or +22965538770


Vowed members are involved in the work of education, healthcare, social services, retreat ministries and prison ministry. The congregation owns and operates schools, orphanages, health centers or clinic. Produces  natural  antiseptics medical products, that fights skin diseases, such as rashes , eczema , bumps , ringworm, pimples also balm for cold and muscular pains , rheumatic pains etc